Give your health a new shape with pure and healthy range of
Ayurveda, Aloe vera and Amla Products from Jasco


With the wellness legacy of more than a decade, Jasco products are based on ancient and proven Ayurvedic treatises. The availability of our products in the chemist stores, individual stores, AyuvedicTreatment Centres, Spas, Hospitals and Resorts in India are testimony to our great product. As Ayurvedic practice promoters, we are into the manufacturing, production and practice of the traditional science of pain management and wellness promotion with 35 locations all over India. Jasco is one of the finest and fastest growing wellness product brand.

By offering the most authentic and indulgent Ayurvedic wellness products Jasco has set the highest standards in quality of products & services.  With this, Jasco has earned the trust and confidence of a large number of customers globally. Our unique culture of Ayurveda healing and traditional knowledge of Ayurveda has filtered down from one generation to another without losing its uniqueness. For Jasco, it is a pledge to affirm the sanctity of the treasure and not lose it in modern times through organic components infused in products.

Our signature wellness products are infused with natural elements that are formulated for several purposes like Weight Loss and fitness, health, Stress & Strain, body care, skin and hair care, and Detoxification with highlighted ingredients of Aloe Vera, amla, turmeric, kesar among others.

Health Juices

Aloe vera Juice, Amla Juice, Triphala Ras

Aloe vera Skin Care

Skin Care Range

Gel, Soap, Body Lotion, Face Wash

Ayurvedic hair oil

Hair Care

Hair Oil, Shampoo

Amla Candy

Candy & Digestives

Amla Candy, Digestives