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What Are The Advantages Of Amla Juice?


Amla juice is rich in vitamins and minerals. Most of the common diseases can be kept at bay when you take the juice on a regular basis. The health enhancing amla can be consumed in various ways including juice, powder and raw form. The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C. The oil extracted from the fruit’s pulp and seeds can be used to address hair and scalp issues. Proteins and amino acids present in the fruit will stop hair fall and the roots will be strengthened.

Advantages of amla juice

Amla juice can be consumed to overcome a cough and flu very efficiently. The juice can be used to treat mouth ulcers as well. You can club two teaspoons of amla juice with equal quantity of honey and the solution can be used to overcome cold and cough.

You can apply amla juice in fighting against pigmentation, marks and blemishes.

How to take amla juice?

You can prepare about 600 to 700 grams of amla juice from one kilogram of amla fruit. You can cut amla pieces and they can be placed in a mixing jar. You should add sufficient water to obtain diluted juice. By using a fine sieve or cloth, you can obtain juice. You can store the juice for about 15 days and it can be used on daily basis.

How to use amla juice?

You can prepare fresh Alma juice at home. It can be preserved in refrigerator for few days. The juice can be mixed with water and it can be consumed on empty stomach so that you will enjoy many health benefits without any issues. You can use the juice on regular basis as a therapy to achieve weight loss or it can be taken as per the needs to overcome common ailments such as cold, cough and flu.

When to drink amla juice?

You can drink amla juice before or after the food. To get maximum benefits, you are advised to consume the same before food. Diabetes as well as asthma condition can be better managed when you take it on a regular basis.

Benefits of amla juice

A range of polyphenols are present in amla juice. They have the capacity to fight against the development of cancer cells. Thus, the risk of cancer can be drastically reduced by consuming it on regular basis.

The aging process will be slowed down when you consume the juice on regular basis. The collagen development will improve which is vital for the maintenance of the skin. You will manage young and bright skin when you consume the juice frequently.

Benefits of drinking amla juice in empty stomach

The digestive system will function properly when you consume amla juice regularly. The alkaline nature of amla will cleanse the digestive system. The system will be strengthened as the metabolism will improve. Harmful toxins from the body will be eliminated in a very efficient manner. You will reach weight loss goals very easily.

The toxins present in the liver will be flushed out very efficiently so that there will be great satisfaction. Amla is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorous and vitamin C.

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      You can take it after food. Twice in a day with water.

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