Dardbhanjani Pain Oil is an herbal based formulation that comprises different Ayurvedic herbs which have been developed to aid several joint pains.

Dardbhanjani Pain Oil

About Jasco Dardbhanjani Pain Oil

More Action, Less Pain

The amalgamation of a variety of herbs in the oil provides rich source of remedy composite which has penchants to ease from pain even in persistent circumstances. The active ingredients in the oil facilitate in stimulation of blood circulation, stiff limbs, body ache, severe muscular & joint pains and swelling.

Health Benefits of Jasco Dardbhanjani Pain Oil


Maintains Blood Circulation

Reduces stiffness of limps & Muscles

Aids Muscular & Joint Pains

Reduces Swelling

How to use Jasco Dardbhanjani Pain Oil

Apply Dardbhanjani Pain Oil 5 ml to 10 ml twice on the concerned part, softly massage for 5 minutes daily or as directed by your physician.

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