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Dear Human

Dear Human,

We stand stumped today; where once upon a time we stood tall and proud. Let’s not dwell on what happened to me; but do you know what happened to you? Yes, of course, you do what what’s happening to you, but are you in the least bothered? No! Why should you after all.

All you do is blindfold yourself and give long speeches, condemn global warming and get press coverage (that paper too comes from us) and then say that you’re doing your bit for environment. Never had such a hypocrite ever!

Now some statistics, with billions of people worldwide, each claiming to do their bit, why is the green cover decreasing instead of increasing? Where’s your bit of something going? And since you all understand tech language more than anything else, do Google the green cover and show us please! And yes, while you’re at it I see another wifi tower up and a tree gone down.

Ahem, that’s the catch, ain’t it?

You love to talk but do you love to listen? Listening is for others. And other than that you don’t want to do anything. The passing the hat is always for others. This other, that other. What do you do then? Point fingers here and there and hail yourself as mighty connections-wala?

Oh… so much to say against you, but you know what? We love you despite all this and are never tired of doing more. When living or when chopped off. We do everything for you. So here are a few tips that will bring us closer to you. Very interesting tips:

  1. Ditch those plastic water bottles. Invest in stainless steel ones (flask kind). Not only do they last long, they’re ideal for both hot and cold liquids
  2. Bag it with Cloth. Cloth bags are super cool these days. With Batik, Block prints and Ikkat prints, they’re trendy and stylish and highly utilitarian
  3. Utensilware of glass/ metal is best. Why soil us with those ugly styrofoam cups?
  4. E-waste is shrinking us while the garbage dumps are towering manifold. Buy second hand.
  5. Compost Bin is a great way to feed your love for garden and plants. Make it and get ‘gold for garden’ benefit
  6. Kitchen gardens are great ways to save money and help green world. You consume and you grow too
  7. Get host of healthy benefits by growing gooseberry plant in your kitchen garden. If you can’t do that you can buy Jasco Amla products and go all natural! Be sure to recycle the product pack or dispose it by giving to local waste management guy (Raddiwala) and not shove it in dustbin.
  8. Savings inside house – Switch off lights and push off those curtains. Open your windows and let in the winds whenever possible. Switch off fans/ lights when not in use. Make it a habit
  9. Go Paperless at work! Be it your office or if you’re working from home. Paperless work means less burden on us and you get to save everything on cloud (the virtual kind!)
  10. Give your legs more legwork. Walk around or use cycle to move at short distances. Saves fuel and makes your body fitting good
  11. Give Green Gifts. How about gifting a plant? It’s cheap and good way to go all green! If your friend is beauty conscious Jasco Aloe Vera products are just what you need to gift.

Isn’t this interesting? Be Natural. Try! Be one of us.

Yours Naturally.

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