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This is what Jasco believes in. Do You?


After turning 30, all the self appointed beauty experts (neighborhood aunties and those drones of female acquaintances) came swarming around me giving me tips on how to take care of my skin, hair and makeup after hitting 30. While for me hitting the 30th mark weren’t much of a great deal; they made me a deal in one straight line – “Look after you!”

While those tips on BB CC DD creams made my head an alphabet soup and those compact and inclusive foundation range cracked my thought foundation – I literally screamed, Enough is enough. I almost had a neurological breakdown about my self-image and I had to shut my ears (figuratively) for good.

However, in their long discourse of advice they told me to find the Fountain of Youth. So I wanted to test the waters and try to find the fountain of youth; but everywhere I found taps! Horrors of the horrors is that there are hardly any fountains in this part of the world. Either the taps would guzzle too much or keep quite. Nothing consistent about it. That’s when I went back to my philosophical best. My inner voice kept repeating one word “Mind”…. And that made all the difference! Didn’t you get it?

Let me explain this scientifically. Biologically, we can’t reverse the aging process, but we can definitely slow it down. How do we slow it? Simple mantra –

  • Eat

  • Play

  • Love

Eat good food. Play while you work (ie. Enjoy it thoroughly) and Love all that life has to offer. I found this Fountain of Youth more easy-peasy than dabbing bottles of foundation anytime any day. This mantra is successful when dealt with from your mind. Engaging in stretching your mind creatively and doing wonderful things by being mentally active (physically too) makes you better and naturally young looking.

And how do I stretch my mind? My fountain of youth is my joy of writing. When I write, my mind stretches beyond its original dimensions and seeks answers, thoughts and reactions. That’s a simple rewarding joy in drinking from this fountain. Read what are the people’s view on it is:

To me Fountain of Youth is doing what you want to; the way you want to and at the time you want to which gives inner happiness resulting in youthfulness for the lifetime”

  • Darshit Sheth, Founder of a Pharma Company, Rajkot

For me it is all about colors and freedom”

  • Jumannah Aziz, a proud home maker, Secundrabad (Telangana)

Fountain of Youth – is the stream of thoughts which keeps or motivates you to behave spiritedly and cheerfully”

  • Nadeem Jafri, Chief Mentor, Hearty Mart, Ahmedabad

For me fountain of youth is the feeling of love and being loved, I guess this is what keeps the spark inside of us alive”

  • Shweta Joshi , Internet Marketing Expert, Vadodara

Combination of fantasy, cheerfulness, excitement, adventure and romance”

  • Zulekha Baldiwala, a happy grandmother, Ahmedabad

Now, you tell me, according to you what’s your fountain of youth mantra?

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