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The Health Benefiting Products From Jasco


Nature in her endless bounty has given everything to man. So far every problem you have, nature has a solution. Jasco was started with this thinking. Even the smallest of the problems have a solution in nature and its upto us to identify what lies where.

Any ingredient of Jasco product that you pick up has multiple benefits and they’re so versatile that they play vital role in giving multipronged advantages to us – not just one.

  • Turmeric has wonderful properties to heal. It is not only used externally but also internally and has all pervading benefits to offer to the people.
  • You know what is gold? Honey! The ancient Egyptians too swear by the soothing and healing properties of honey. Treating ailments to beautification, you can get it all in this.
  • Aloe vera is the soothing balm for burns and blisters and also for the smooth flawless skin. Well take it up.
  • Kesar or Spanish Saffron doesn’t have just garnishing value. It is a helpful remedy for retaining heat in the body and also for good skin.
  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C and an amazing storehouse of nutrients.
  • Imli or Tamarind is another good source of Vitamin C and gets rid of stomach ailments.

All these ingredients mentioned above (and more in the Jasco’s Recipe Book) act as great medicinal box for the whole family’s health. Jasco takes up each of these ingredients and makes a potent product, each amplifying the benefits of the primary ingredient. Taking into consideration the age of each family member and current lifestyle they’re leading, Jasco has all kinds of products for the whole family.

Isn’t this the best family protection measure?

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