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Why Organic Amla Juice Is considered As Elixir In Ayurveda

Amla the Native Indian gooseberry is inherent to the Indian subcontinent. Every part of this middle size tree is the treasure trunk to a variety of health benefits. It is the lushest source of vitamin C besides containing a range of naturally sourced antioxidants and zeatin. It also contains several nutrients and non-essential natural amino acids. The consumption of this fruit is known to provide relief from bowel problems, dysentery, haemorrhage, piles, stomach problems, and atherosclerosis and in treating leucorrhoea. The fruit is cooling, purgative and diuretic. It is one of the best-known agents to slow down ageing. Amla, EmblicaOfficinalis is a much-esteemed fruit in Ayurveda for its anti-diabetic, germ killing and antipyretic qualities. It is an active cerebral, heart and digestive pick-me-up. Amla coincidently has an anabolic impact and is helpful in increasing the extra body weight by way of its role in the consumption of protein and controlling nitrogen in one’s body system. Amla does not lose its essential qualities upon low, heat handling and is an active and effective ingredient of several medicines such as chavanparash, pills, oils, beauty products and toiletries.

  • Intake of Amla combined with a tablespoon of organic honey one hour before morning tea reduces body weight and has a refreshing impact on the body.
  • Application and consumption of amla has a huge influence on skin and hairs. Hair that has already gone greyish can be reverted back to their original colour by drinking any green vegetable fruit juice in which 2-3 amla fruits have been mashed. Else dry amla powdered combined with water can be absorbed. Amla fruit juice will also help get back the bounciness of skin.
  • Amla can be useful for controlling body system metabolism, elimination helping remove metabolic toxins from one’s body system.
  • Amla encourages resistance, fortifies the neurological system, liver, respiratory system and is conductive for allowing one’s body system structure to function harmoniously.
  • In the summer, organic amla juice keeps our body cool and sorts out the extra heat from the body. It also works as a shield against the radiation and it defends from injurious UV rays, thereby saving the skin from getting exposed to the harsh summer conditions and preserves the moisture.
  • Ayurveda states that taking organic amla juice on a regular basis increases life span. The fresh amla contains more than 80 per water, fibre, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates which, when consumed by human body makes it strong and healthy thereby increasing the average life span.



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