Amla Pachak (Pack of 40)



Delicious Amla Pachak is made of Indian gooseberry that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands for years to fight different types of ailments and improve overall health. Rich in vitamin C, it contains many other nutrients that help address the health issues of different body parts. Eating Amla Pachak regularly not only helps improve the digestive system, it improves your overall health.

Health Benefits of Amla Pachak

Some of the main health benefits of enjoying Amla Pachak are as following:

  • Rich source of vitamin C

  • Stronger immune system

  • Slowing down the process of ageing

  • Helps maintain healthier urinary system

  • Helps keep the stomach and liver healthy

  • Strengthens the bones

  • Helps in reducing weight

  • Helps prevent infection

  • Helps fight inflammation

  • Helps in improving memory power

  • Maintains good health of body systems

  • Helps in protecting against heart disease

  • Helps reduce the risk of gall bladder stones

  • Helps in improving diabetes

Amla Pachak also helps in reducing the accumulation of bad cholesterol (LDL), thus reducing the risk of heart disease. As it improves good cholesterol levels, the arteries are less likely to get clogged. It is an overall great food for your heart and blood vessels because it can also prevent blood vessel walls from becoming thicker. The high amounts of fiber and anti-inflammatory benefits also help in improving your digestive system and bowel movements. It also helps in acidity control and the release of digestive and gastric juices.

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