Erryberry Khatti Mithi (Hingoli)



These candies are made of organic herbal ingredients and are excellent digestive and health foods. They are also cherished for their sweet and sour taste. Rich in various minerals and fibers, they are made by mixing organic herbs and spices in a healthy proportion. Use them as a remedy for indigestion, gas and acidity, and they can also be a great treat for children.

Health Benefits

The main health benefits of these khatti mithis are as following:

  • Treating various digestive issues including diarrhea

  • Helping lower bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol

  • Boosting immune system

  • Inducing hunger and improving digestion

They are also excellent digestives, containing both soluble and insoluble fibers that boost your digestion and bowel movement. They can not only help in inducing hunger, they also work as excellent tonic for liver and stomach.

Taking these khatti mithis can also help in boosting your urinary tract health by fighting infections. The ingredients are also good for your heart and bones. People with arthritis and osteoarthritis will find them beneficial for their joints. These candies are also good for diabetics. They have strong anti-inflammatory properties and also help boost your memory. Other health benefits include antioxidant properties and fighting anemia in a natural way.

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