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Revitalize your spirit with a blend of flavor and fitness

It is a rare event when health foods are combined with great taste. A healthy diet demands twists in your taste buds and it isn’t just a satisfying experience even though its great for your mind and body. With juices that nourish your soul and candies that revamp your taste buds, Jasco provides a wide range of products that are sure to immune you this winter.

Amla or the Indian Gooseberry Juice is considered as nectar for both physical and mental well being. It’s numerous health benefits including strengthening the liver, protecting the body from harmful germs, providing the adequate vitamins, safety from heart problems and other benefits that make it a suitable choice of juice in winters. It comes with a great taste that will bestow your mouth with a smooth flow and provide you a different taste of health this winter. Amla juice has been appreciated since long and with increasing consciousness about health, it has become the health food of the hour. The juice is made with pure Amla to provide you with a distinct energy throughout the whole season.

Aloe Vera juice is the purest form of protection to the immunity system in winters. It’s ability to boost the immunity system tremendously has made it the preferred choice of juice for decades. Health has to face hazards that are sometimes unbeatable and Aloe Vera juice makes sure that you are immune from these hazards. It gives your skin a startling glow, strengthens the roots of your air and provides your body with sufficient amount of heat to tackle the cold months. Aloe Vera is a natural anti-oxidant and the juice is made from whole Aloe Vera extracts that are found in the best parts of the north. Aloe Vera juice will cherish your mouth with its taste and provide you great relief from stomach troubles and other internal problems.

Amla Candy is a little yet great source of nurturing your body with the perfect nutrients. Candies are considered to be a hazard for the body yet this Amla Candy has the power to fulfill all your vitamin needs. Its 100% naturally sweet taste waters your mouth until the last bit and your body feels itself standing up again. Amla Candy is an amazing thing to cure cough and cold during the winters. It fights the harmful and allergic impurities and is a good substitute for regular and unhealthy sugar candies.

This season, follow your heart and give it a great natural boost. Enjoy the Amla Candy and Juice for achieving holistic well-being in your life. This season, make yourself fall in love with your diet through these healthy yet tasty treats.

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