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Summers can’t be complete without the tanginess of Amla!

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a popular fruit, which is being used in India since ancient times for its numerous nutritional benefits. Since summer is here and we advise you to have this sour-bitter fruit to stay cool and calm in the heat of the day. Here’s a look at some of the useful benefits of Amla in the summer season.

–          As a coolant : Extract the amla juice and drink it or better still eat it raw. Eating a raw Amla in the summer season keeps the body cool, protecting it from hot winds or commonly called ‘Loo’ that sweep across entire India.  Amla basically releases heat from the body keeping it cool thereby providing protection from heat boils, rash and acne.

–          Vitamin Storehouse: Amla has more Vitamin C than orange juice. It reverses the aging effects by harmful UV rays.  It also improve tannies that provide a shield from light and heat.

–          Amla’s benefits for hair are numerous ranging from preventing baldness to adding lustre and color to the hair. Eat it raw or apply a paste of it on hair

–          Host of benefits for health right from prevention of heat stroke to reducing sugar level in diabetes, to reducing menstruational cramps and also anti-aging properties – the amla is really a great treat for us!

Do you know?  “Amala Navami” is a festival that is celebrated on the 11th day of waxing moon. This day generally falls between February and March each year. During this occasion, the Amla tree is worshipped with great zeal.

So pick up those handy packets of erryberry by Jasco and munch yourself towards goodness of health and taste!

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