Why Triphala Ras

Triphala Juice helps in treating mucus from your lungs and improves its functioning. It helps in many diseases like:




Chronic Ulsers

About Jasco Triphala Ras

Triphala juice has plenty of benefits when used in treatment of digestive problems and eye disorder. It also supports cardiac health and has great anti-inflammatory properties. It is extremely rich in vitamin C, and therefore it is an entirely natural add-on. Triphala Juice would keep you strong, because it also holds heap of other vitamins and even contains iron. In Ayurveda, Triphala is considered as the most nourishing supplement recognized for its capability to revitalize healthy tissues, letting one to age charmingly.

Ingredients in Jasco Triphala Ras


It is an effective source of Vitamin C and strongly holds calcium and iron

Health Benefits of Jasco Triphala Ras

Cardiac health

Strengthening the liver

Improving blood circulation

Healthy eyes

Antibacterial effects

ASupports in hair growth

How to use Jasco Triphala Ras

Consumption of Triphala can be regular for maintaining the balance of several conditions including blood purifications, colon cleanser or to detox your liver.

Dose: Twice in a day 2 teaspoons before meal.